Twixl Publisher 3.7.4 now available – also beta 2 of Twixl Publisher 4

Just before the Christmas holidays, we’re shipping maintenance release 3.7.4 of Twixl Publisher, and at the same time, we’re also introducing beta 2 of Twixl Publisher 4, that will bring support for phones when it ships early 2015. We’ve been very excited with the fantastic response we are getting for this beta and would like to thank all beta-testers for their excellent feedback.


To update, use “Check for updates…” in the Twixl Publisher OS X app, or go to our download page .

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Adobe dropping DPS SE?
Look no further than Twixl Publisher Single!

Adobe’s decision to drop DPS Single Edition support from Creative Cloud in the near future caused quite a stir on social media and user forums in the last week of November. Adobe’s intentions have now become very clear: to continue to target the high end of the market with DPS Pro and Enterprise editions, and to encourage all other users to move to fixed layout (FXL) ePUB for their digital publishing needs.

Lots of smaller publishers and agencies feel left out in the cold and think that they may be forced to upgrade to a paid DPS Pro plan. Consequently, they are also looking for alternative solutions. Read more ›

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How to integrate a form, survey or shopping basket in a Twixl app

Web Viewers” are a very powerful and sometimes underestimated feature that allows you to add dynamic updateable content in a Twixl publication.
Any rectangle on an InDesign page can become a source of HTML content. This is not limited to just displaying a specific page of a web site, but can also be used to integrate things like a form, a survey or even a shopping basket that can use localStorage.

Shopping basket

In order to explain how this works, we created a “Shopping basket” example. Read more ›

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Direct upload to the Twixl Distribution Platform

As of Twixl Publisher 3.7, it is now possible to upload a new publication for a kiosk app directly from the Twixl Publisher OS X application to the Twixl Distribution Platform.

Check out the 3-minute video below to see how this works.

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Twixl Publisher 3.7: Publication sharing made easy

What’s new in release 3.7 ?

Easy publication sharing

To make the approval process easier, we now allow you to easily share an interactive Twixl publication with a colleague, a client or a proofreader. You can quickly invite anyone to check out your work using the Twixl Viewer without the need to create “ad hoc” test builds of your app.To make the approval process easier, we now allow you to easily share an interactive Twixl publication with a colleague, a client or a proofreader. You can quickly invite anyone to check out your work without the need to create “ad hoc” test builds of your app.

Sharing a publication

Sharing a publication from the plug-in or the OS X app is now just as easy a creating a Preview. Read more ›

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Using promo codes as a teaser for paid content

If you are a publisher of kiosk apps with paid content, then sometimes you may want to promote your publication by making an issue free. The disadvantage of this is that you make that particular issue available to anyone who downloads your app.

The “Promo code” entitlements option that was recently added on the Twixl Distribution Platform allows you to be more flexible. Read more ›

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Using custom URL schemes in Twixl Publisher apps

Sometimes you want to be able to e.g. trigger navigation in a Twixl publication from a web viewer, so that tapping a link in that web viewer will navigate to a specific page in the publication.

Or in the infoPage of your kiosk (the HTML-based content area at the top), you want to add a link that triggers the Subscription purchase window or the Entitlements sign-in form for existing subscribers.

Article Properties

Twixl Publisher supports a number of custom URL schemes can be used in a web viewer, a web overlay, the kiosk info page, the kiosk info cell, in the entitlements dialog and the embedded web browser. Read more ›

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Twixl Publisher 3.6.3 now available for download

Within 24 hours after Apple’s final release of Xcode 6.1 with iOS SDK 8.1, we’re pleased to announce that users can now download Twixl Publisher 3.6.3, that will allow you to build iPad apps with this new version.

Twixl Publisher 3.6.3 is available from our download page  – existing users can use the “Check for updates…” mechanism.

Note that existing apps will continue to function properly after upgrading to iOS 8.1.

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Twixl media partners with Akamai
for content delivery

The Twixl Distribution Platform, our solution for app distribution, storage and management has recently received a major upgrade by starting to use the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Akamai provides the best content delivery network on the market. Players like Apple, Sony, Thomson Reuters, IBM and the BBC are all using their network to get their content to their users and readers. Akamai has an optimized network of servers and intelligent software that caches your data automatically on servers around the globe.

We chose to work with Akamai because they have the most reliable and extensive network, with servers in nearly every country. Using the Akamai network provides a substantial increase in download speeds from any location in the world to any other location in the world.

As an important player in the tablet publishing world with a large customer base, we have been able to keep our pricing at the same level, even though adding the Akamai CDN service brought about a substantial extra cost.

Our goal is clearly to offer a complete solution where the service level and convenience of every single aspect is at its highest. We are excited to provide these kinds of tools as part of our ongoing commitment to add new functionality and features to our solution!

Note: The Akamai CDN service is available for customers using Twixl storage on the Twixl Distribution Platform. Customers using their own “DIY” storage will not be able to take advantage of it.

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Integrating Twixl Publisher with Enfocus Switch

For many publishers, automation is an important part of a smooth workflow. As many publishers are using Enfocus Switch to automate their production process, we also wanted to provide configurators that allow integration with the Twixl Distribution Platform.

Below are a couple of examples that show how you can use Switch to automate the publishing of tablet content. Read more ›

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